Francisco AguilarProfessor 
Department of Forest Economics, SLU

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Dr. Aguilar’s research focuses on the study of social-natural resources interactions particularly in regard to conservation and management of forest resources. Dr. Aguilar is a member of the Team of Specialists of the United Nations’ Economic Commission for Europe Timber Committee, is an Associate Editor with Forest Science and has received awards from the Earth Island Institute, World Resources Institute and Resources for the Future. He is a 2017 Brady J. Deaton Fellow of International Agriculture, the 2017 awardee of the University of Missouri’s faculty international engagement, 2014 Gilbert White Fellow and 2006 Joseph Fisher Fellow granted by Resources for the Future in Washington DC. Dr. Aguilar’s research on the use of biomass as a source of energy encompasses the sustainable use of wood as a renewable feedstock, impacts of public policy on bioenergy generation, evaluation of public opinions on the use of renewable energy, and adoption of sustainability standards, among other related topics. Aguilar’s research portfolio also includes the evaluation of public policy programs promoting tropical forest conservation and family forest owners’ preferences toward land management. He is an expert in the application of spatial econometric methods to the study of agricultural and other natural resources. He has successfully mentored post-graduate students, Postdoctoral Fellows, Norman Borlaug and Cochran Fellows from Africa, the Americas, Asia and Europe.

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