larsperssonAssociate Professor
Department of Economics, Umeå University

Telephone: +46 (9)0 786 5845
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Associate professor (docent) in economics at Umeå university with particular research interest in environmental economics and non-market valuation. The last decade or so my research has to a large extent been centered around non-market valuation in different contexts ranging from energy- and electricity markets to water quality and recreational fishing. Among other things, one main theme has been to better understand individual preferences for behavioral changes in the transition to renewable and intermittent energy sources.

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Johansson, P-O. & Kriström, B. The Costs and Benefits of Supporting Data Centers: A General Equilibrium Analysis. Read
Broberg, T., Brännlund, R., Lundgren, T. & Persson, L. The value of lost load in Swedish industry. Read
Broberg, T., Dijkgraaf, E. & Meens-Eriksson, S. Burn it or let them bury it? The net social cost of producing district heating from imported waste. Read
Hu, X. & Liang, C-Y. Water conservation and the common pool problem: Can pricing address free-riding in residential hot water consumption? Read