KLARIZZEProf. Klarizze Anne Martin Puzon, External Researcher, CERE. Visiting Professor, University of the Philippines and Assistant Professor, Osaka University, Japan

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Webpage: http://sites.google.com/site/klarizzeamp/

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CERE Working Papers

Brännlund, R. & Vesterberg, M. Peak and off-peak demand for electricity: subsistence levels and price elasticities. pdfDownload
Krishnamurthy, C. K. B., Vesterberg, M., Böök, H., Lindfors, A. V. & Svento, R. Understanding the Preference Imprecision. pdfDownload Paper | pdfDownload Appendix
Brännlund, R. Ekonomiska konsekvenser av långsiktiga klimatförändringar. pdfDownload
Bayrak, O. K. Understanding the Preference Imprecision. pdfDownload