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Date: Wed. 8 Dec, 2021 13:00 - 14:00
Duration: 1 Hour

The political economy of emissions standards in Sweden and Europe

Mattias Näsman

CERE & Unit of Ecomic History, Umeå University

Place: S301, Samhällsvetarhuset (Social Science building), Umeå University

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Martínez-Cruz, A. L. & Texcalac-Sangrado, J. L. Barriers and opportunities to incorporate scientific evidence into air quality management in Mexico: A stakeholders’ perspective. Read
Kriström, B. & Puzon, K. A. Time vs. money metrics for contingent valuation surveys: Theory and application to rural data. Read
Johansson, P-O. & Kriström, B. The Costs and Benefits of Supporting Data Centers: A General Equilibrium Analysis. Read
Broberg, T., Brännlund, R., Lundgren, T. & Persson, L. The value of lost load in Swedish industry. Read