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Date: Mon. 30 Mar, 2020 8:00 - Wed. 1 Apr, 2020 17:00
Duration: 2 Days, 9 Hours
Categories: Conferences*
The Ammarnäs Winter Workshop is an opportunity for CERE members to present their ongoing, past or planned research and get valuable feedback. 

This year, there will be a special session on Energy Economics, together with the CERE Associate Amin Karimu and his colleagues from University of Accra in Ghana who will present their research. 

For any questions or for a link to registration, please contact Mattias Vesterberg

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Zhou, W., Bostian, M., Färe, R., Grosskopf, S. & Lundgren, T. Efficient and Sustainable Bioenergy Production in Swedish Forests – a Network DEA Approach. Läs
Grosskopf, S. & Lundgren, T. Prevention or Cure? Abatement Efficiency in a Network Technology. Läs
Puzon, K. On Extreme Perception Bias. Read
Puzon, K. & Willinger, M. Can Common Ownership Prevent the Tragedy of the Commons? An Experimental Investigation. Read