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Date: Tue. 16 Jun, 2020 8:00 - Thu. 18 Jun, 2020 16:00
Duration: 2 Days, 8 Hours
Categories: Conferences*
Photo of a wolf marked by verdigris howling in the midsummer night

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CERE Working Papers

Zhou, W., Bostian, M., Färe, R., Grosskopf, S. & Lundgren, T. Efficient and Sustainable Bioenergy Production in Swedish Forests – a Network DEA Approach. Läs
Grosskopf, S. & Lundgren, T. Prevention or Cure? Abatement Efficiency in a Network Technology. Läs
Puzon, K. On Extreme Perception Bias. Read
Puzon, K. & Willinger, M. Can Common Ownership Prevent the Tragedy of the Commons? An Experimental Investigation. Read