The Economics Dude

During the day, Erik Brockwell lives his life as an ordinary CERE researcher, but at night, he turns into the economics dude.

Course: Nonparametric Econometrics

A graduate-level first course covering certain basic topics in non-parametric econometrics and resampling (bootstrap), suitable for students and researchers in a wide variety of fields (including economics, statistics/Bio-statistics/mathematical statistics, forest management, engineering).

Umeå University invests in CERE

Economic research at Umeå University receives 20 million sek. The University believes three focal areas are particularly well equipped to become a competitiveness force. Four projects will therefore share the money, one of these is CERE.

Applied Economic Modelling of Environmental Issues using GAMS

This course focuses on the applied analysis of the relationship between economic activity and environmental issues. Computer modelling can help researchers and policymakers better understand the relation between environmental pressures and the economy.

Strengthen the national economy and reduce CO2 emission

"Since EU's main strategy is to reduce CO2 emission as much as possible, one can ask whether Sweden shouldn't focus on producing goods with its fossil free electricity instead off exporting the electricity surplus that's now accumulated. In that way we could reduce the CO2 emissions and strengthen the national economy." NyTeknik February 27th 2013 at 11.33

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