Suggested actions for the Minister for Policy Coordination and Energy Ibrahim Baylan

Suggested actions for the Minister for Policy Coordination and Energy Ibrahim Baylan

One of five suggested paths from the IVA project Vägval el is to look upon electricity as an opportunity for industrial development and reduced climate impact.

CERE’s Runar Brännlund participated in the project and in June they handed over their compiled report to the Minister for Policy Coordination and Energy Ibrahim Baylan. Suggested paths;

Path 1: Look upon electricity as a facilitator for industrial development and reduced climate impact
Path 2: Provide flexibility for cost-effective development of the power system
Path 3: Take more environmental issues in to consideration than climate
Path 4: Establish a goal to secure supply in order to maintain the high levels of today
Path 5: Strengthen cooperation with the other countries

The entire report; ”Fem vägval för Sverige” (only in Swedish) can be found on
Read the NyTeknik article; ”Fem tips till stabilt och hållbart elsystem” (only in Swedish), published July 14th 2016.

Find Runar Brännlund at Almedalen

CERE’s Runar Brännlund, as his wont, will visit the week for politicians in Almedalen on Gotland. This year for Energiföretagen (the Energy businesses).

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Lyser fortfarande lamporna 2025?
Arrangör: Energiföretagen Sverige
Dag: 6/7 2016 12:15 - 13:00

Elmarknaden är i kraftig omvandling. Mer vind och sol betyder osäkrare leveranser. Men vill vi ha samma säkra nivå som idag? Vad får det i så fall kosta? Eller ska vi för miljöns skull acceptera att det ibland är mörkare?

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Hur stabil är elsektorn som skattebas?
Arrangör: Energiföretagen Sverige
Dag: 6/7 2016 14:15 - 15:00

Staten tar årligen ut ca 40 miljarder från elsektorn i skatt. Är det rimligt och hur stabil är elsektorn som skattebas på sikt? Vilken beskattning av elsektorn sker idag och hur skulle beskattningen kunna göras annorlunda. Konsekvenser av beskattning av elproduktion, konsumtion av el m.m. diskuteras.

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Philip Kofi Adom received the Global Swede 2016

The Global Swede Ceremony is one of a kind! The objective is to promote Swedish export globally by making valuable contacts with highly successful foreign students registered at Swedish Universities and to engage the students to become Swedish ambassadors. The result of the ceremony is a longstanding relationship which rewards the Swedish foreign export and the Swedish Industry. The acknowledgement is given to students who have excelled within innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. This was the sixth time the ceremony was held and the year 2016 Global Swede Ceremony SLU student was given to the PhD student Philip Kofi Adom for his thesis. CERE is happy for Philips’ achievements and is grateful to be part of the network.

Considerable potentials to improve the energy efficiency of Swedish industrial firms

Dr Shanshan ZhangCongratulations to CERE Dr Shanshan Zhang who successfully defended her thesis Energy efficiency and firm performance – Evidence from Swedish Industry, on May 27, 2016. Professor Subal Kumbhakar from Bringhamton University acted as the opponent. The thesis sheds light on how to create energy efficiency, environmental performance and productivity at industrial firm level in the Swedish economic context between years 2000-2008. Main conclusions are that there are considerable potentials to improve the energy efficiency of Swedish industrial firms. The EU ETS and the Swedish carbon dioxide tax do not seem to create any significant energy-saving incentives. This is partly due to the relatively low permit prices. On the other hand, the Swedish energy tax significantly motivated energy efficiency improvements. More to, based on her research, she suggests that there are still several topics left for future research such as compare different functional specifications of the SFA models, combine SFA and DEA model, and by updating the dataset and energy efficiency related analysis.

Full access to Shanshan’s thesis.

The role of the forests as a mitigation strategy

Dr Mathilda ErikssonCongratulations to CERE Dr Mathilda Eriksson who successfully defended her thesis The Role of the Forest in Climate Policy on May 26, 2016. The opponent Professor Brent L. Sohngen gave an overall description of the thesis where he emphasized the importance of the DICE and RICE models developed by Nordhaus for the forest policy. The thesis consists of four papers, with aim to contribute to the understanding of the role of the forests as a mitigation strategy in global climate policy. The emphasize relies on the role of forest in controlling climate change. It seems like forests play a crucial part in the global carbon cycle.

Full access to Mathilda’s thesis

Preference Cloud Theory, a two-step model of decision making under risk

Dr Oben BayrakCongratulations to CERE Dr Oben Bayrak who successfully defended his thesis Preference Cloud Theory: Modelling Imprecise Preferences and a New Theory for Decision under Risk on May 13th, 2016. The thesis presents the Preference Cloud Theory, a two-step model of decision making under risk. The theory provides an explanation for some empirically observed anomalies of the Expected Utility Theory, such as Allais Paradox, valuation gaps and preference reversals. Preference imprecision that arises because of individuals’ vague understanding of numerical probabilities is a corner stone in the theory. This concept is combined with the use of the so called Alpha model to develop a theory that explains various anomalies discovered in the experimental economics literature that standard models cannot explain.

Full access to Oben’s thesis.

”Closing reactors by 2020 will cost 200 billions”

An energy system which is cost-effective, has a secure delivery and low environmental impact should be desirable. Something of a challenge when the electricity production system goes from large power plants where production can be planned to smaller power plants with intermittent power. This from representatives of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA) project: Vägval el (The Electricity Crossroads) in SvD May 31st 2016. One of the representatives is CERE’s Runar Brännlund.

Read the full article (in Swedish only)

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