Easier to research on emission trade

The log keeping track on allowance transaction information within the European emission trading system have been lacking in the associated firms, an issue now solved with a little help from CERE members.
Illustration by Mona Bonta Bergman

Renowned researcher strengthens CERE

Professor Chris Böhringer; a world leading authority on Computable General Equilibrium (CGE modeling) held an introduction course to CGE modeling, 3rd to 5th of February 2014. He enforces thereby CERE's investment on CGE.

CERE members to EFINORD

Europe's leading forest research network puts its northernmost regional offices, EFINORD in Umeå, SLU's Forest Faculty.

A climate objective provides cost-effective instruments

"Climate goals should be formulated in terms of the environmental problems we want to solve, and not in terms of the resources we have to solve it. Hence the need for emissions objective but not objectives for renewable energy and energy efficiency. "

In the mind of an Environmental Economist

CERE member Kelly de Bruin is writing for Umeå University's research blog between November 25th and December 6th.
Kellys talks about her role as a researcher and her research in an entertaining and innovative way. Here are some quotes from her first three posts:

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