Runar at Almedalen

For the fifth consecutive year, CERE's Runar Brännlund participated at the political week in Almedalen. This time the topic was "Limitless electricity - good for the base industry?" and was organized by EFA (Energy Companies' Employers Association) together with SKGS - base industry energy cooperation, within the scope of the industry is stepping up to batter (editor’s translation).

Runar report from the seminar say that it was highly relevant and interesting and politicians from both blocs participated and extensively discussed the few disagreements they had with each other regarding energy policy.

What do we want with the forest?

An invitation to hear the authors (one of them being CERE's Runar Brännlund) from Formas new book: Som man ropar i skogen – vägval som berör oss alla (As you cry out in the forest – choices that affects us all).

Does an emissions moratorium mean purchase stop for public sector?

Sofia Lundberg and CERE's Per-Olov Marklund wonders in a DN reply if the authors of the op-ed piece published in DN May 10th entitled “Bannlys alla politiska beslut som ger mer klimatutsläpp” (Ban all political decisions that give more climate emission) thought about how the moratorium would affect public procurement. Is a purchase stop perhaps the only solution ?

No to adjusting the quota curve and burning peat

We previously reported on Kontrollstation 2015 and what CERE 's Thomas Broberg thinks about the proposal to adjust the quota curve ("New proposal leads to 2-8 öre per kWh in additional costs for consumers" ).

The proposal poses considerable costs and is poorly analyzed

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