A climate objective provides cost-effective instruments

"Climate goals should be formulated in terms of the environmental problems we want to solve, and not in terms of the resources we have to solve it. Hence the need for emissions objective but not objectives for renewable energy and energy efficiency. "

In the mind of an Environmental Economist

CERE member Kelly de Bruin is writing for Umeå University's research blog between November 25th and December 6th.
Kellys talks about her role as a researcher and her research in an entertaining and innovative way. Here are some quotes from her first three posts:

Relocation of the assembly line, the beginning of Volvo closing shop in Umeå

LarsFredrik_tv4_webbCERE's Lars Fredrik Andersson, Associate Professor in Economic History, was interviewed by TV4 in conjunction with Volvo's announcement of their move of the assembly line to Gothenburg. Lars Fredrik means that it's only a matter of time until Volvo entirely leaves Umeå. If a company finds places closer to the market, raw material, suppliers it will simplify the logistical system to the point that it isn't worthwhile to have the factory elsewhere.

Visiting group from Finland

Professor Rauli Svento with his research group is visiting CERE on 16th October. During the seminar three doctoral students from University of OULU will present their papers:

CERE kicked off

On September 25th, we had our annual kick-off. This time members from our Advisory board and board of Directors were present.

An interview with Sevil Acar, former CERE member

The importance of intellectual flow has been stressed since the start of CERE nearly four years ago . Visitors to CERE and CERE researchers visits to other research centers has frequently been reported in our newsletters and the flow of people strengthens research. Now we thought we would revisit former CERE members and see what they are up to now. In this article, meet Sevil Acar.

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