It’s not the action, but the effect!

CERE member Bengt Kriström gave a lecture on the global impact of small-scale actions and the large-scale policy instruments used or often discussed when it comes to tackling greenhouse-gas emissions. The lecture was given within the SLU popular science series “Värt att veta”.

See the recorded lecture (only in Swedish, summary in English below):
“Klimatpolitik i det lilla och det stora: Ett föredrag om varför bättre vedspisar i Afrika kan vara en mer effektiv klimatåtgärd än flygförbud.”

English translation of title: Climate politics small and large: a talk about why better wood ovens in Africa can be a more effective climate measure than a ban on flying.

Even more guest researchers

CERE welcomes Victor Champonnois from Aix-Marseille University and Benjamin Ouvrard from Laboratoire d’Economie Forestière. 

Winter Workshop in Ammarnäs

CERE held its annual Ammarnäs workshop in the low mountain range near Norway. This year, the meeting was held between the 4th and 6th of April.

Mattias visits CERE MoU in Fukoka

Mattias in FukokaCERE researcher Mattias Vesterberg visits Professor Shunsuke Managi and the Managi Lab in Fukoka, Japan. The purpose being to present Mattias research and to initiate a collaboration between CERE and Managi Lab.

Mattias Vesterberg, visited the Managi Lab, a research group at Fukuoka University, Japan. The visit was initiated by Mattias through a call to Professor Shunsuke Managi, director of the Managi Lab. The main objective of the visit was to start up a collaboration with researchers studying households’ demand for electricity.

Fly tax, a counterproductive special solution

“Carbon emissions are not affected by a Swedish fly tax, not as long as the flight takes place within the EES area. The best way to remedy a global problem is global solutions and a global system appears to be seeing the light of day within a few years. Special solution and well-intentioned “precede” solutions are unfortunately often counterproductive.“ (translated quote) Read Bengt Kriström and Per-Olov Johanssons in a comment to previous articles at, published April 20th, 2017 (only in Swedish)

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