The Expert Group for Environmental Studies will without evaluation be discontinued in April 2012.

The Expert Group for Environmental Studies (EMS) was in September 2011 has verbally been informed that the EMS must be shut down in April 2012. The chairman of the EMS, Bengt Kriström questions the decision of discontinuation in a letter to the minister of Finance Anders Borg. Not any form of evaluation has preceded this decision which may seem odd in this context as "EMS is an authority and cannot be shut down in just any way" according to Kriström.

When the board of EMS asked for the registration number on the decision to shut down EMS they were notified by the Registrar of the Treasury that the decision does not exist.

Kriström points out that he "fully understands that priorities must be made" but the fact that there is no basis to this decision is seen by Kriström as if "the group is being discontinued in an almost panicky and exceedingly ill managed process."

In addition to being Chairman of the EMS, Bengt Kriström is also professor at the Department of Forest Economics, SLU, Umeå and research leader at CERE.

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