The initiative; Forum for EU debate, is supported by the Forums board of Trustees amongst which  Brännlund and Ahlenius names can be found.

Inga-Britt Ahlenius
Per-Olof Eriksson
Paulina Neuding
Niklas Amberg
Anders Ferm
Markus Pettersson
Rune Andersson
Lotta Gröning
Mats Qviberg
Lars Anell
Sverker Gustavsson
Birgitta Swedenborg
Villy Bergström
Sven Hagströmer
Hans Tson Söderström
Anders Björnsson
Claes Hemberg
Carl Tham
Runar Brännlund
Sigfrid Leijonhufvud
Lars Wohlin
Stefan Carlén
Nils Lundgren

The forum for EU debate is a think tank that "will contribute to a more active and unprejudiced and critical debate about EU policy from a democratic perspective."

Read more about the forum in Newsmill’s article "Detta kan inte fortgå i en demokrati" (This cannot continue in a democracy) only in Swedish.

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