A graduate-level first course covering certain basic topics in non-parametric econometrics and resampling (bootstrap), suitable for students and researchers in a wide variety of fields (including economics, statistics/Bio-statistics/mathematical statistics, forest management, engineering).

Course main content

  1. Basic notions in probability, statistics and statistical data
  2. Non-parametric density estimation
  3. Non-parametric regression
  4. Derivative estimation
  5. Density and regression with mixed data
  6. Nearest neighbour methods
  7. Semi-parametric regression
  8. Resampling and bootstrap inference

Learning Outcomes

On completion of the course, the students shall:
  • have developed a basic understanding of the set up and language of non-parametric econometric methods, with particular focus on density estimation and regression
  • have developed an understanding of the basic mechanics of asymptotic properties of certain non-parametric econometric methods (with particular focus on density estimation and regression)
  • have acquired an ability to understand the basic numerical issues involved and to solve (estimate) basic non-parametric methods in any software package (preferably in the R package)
  • have developed an ability to understand the need for, benefits of, resampling methods, in particular, the bootstrap
  • have acquired some idea about the validity of the bootstrap and its use and implementation, in certain regression settings
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