"numbers published by the World Bank are likely to be biased and may even give incorrect information as to whether the economy is locally sustainable."
The quote comes from Catia Cialani's doctoral thesis "Essays on Growth and Environment".

Catia nails her thesis to the wall Photos Mona Bonta BergmanThe thesis is a compilation of four self-contained papers that discusses at an OECD level, the relationship between genuine savings and sustainable development; and the relationships between per capita CO2, per capita GDP and international trade.

At a municipality level in Sweden, her thesis focuses on the relationship between average income growth, net migration, and changes in unemployment, as well as on the relationship between growth and inequality.
"the average income among municipal residents tends to grow more rapidly in relatively poor local jurisdictions than in initially "richer" jurisdictions"

Catia successfully defended her doctoral thesis on the 25th of March 2014.

CERE is proud of the achievements made by Catia during her time in Umeå, and wishes her a prosperous career at her current position as a Lecturer in Economics at Dalarna University.

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