"There are many Chinese state-owned forest enterprises (SOFE's) with significant profitability demands. Researchers at SLU found that the Chinese state could influence the enterprises towards more protected forests and reforestation, so that other forms of forest management like farming, recreation etc. can be developed." (My translation)

CERE's Peichen Gong and Göran Bostedt have, together with colleagues in China, studied how the Chinese states different policies influence SOFE's actions.

"The main reason for today's challenges that these SOFE's face is the lack of old forests.

The only long-term, sustainable solution, according to the researchers, is to reduce the Chinese states profitability demand on the SOFE's so that they can prioritize a reinforcement of the forest resource, that is to reforest and decrease the harvest levels." (My translation)

The article seems to have been picked up by the government:

"In the fall of 2014 the Chinese government launched an outright ban on commercial logging in the province Heilongjiang, se link below. The ban will last for at least 20 years, and if successful, extend to other provinces in north east China." (My translation)

Read the full article "Statsägd skog i Kina bör förvaltas mer hållbart" on SLU's web (only in Swedish)
Read an article in the Guardian regarding the ban on logging; "China tests outright logging ban in state forests" October 17th 2014.
Read the scientific article (subscription might be required); "Impacts of policy measures on the development of state-owned forests in northeast China: theoretical results and empirical evidence" Environment and Development Economics 19(01), 74-91

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