Kjell Jansson, CEO of Swedish Energy. Photo Mona Bonta Bergman- My biggest fear is that Sweden won't be able to handle the effect balance in 5-10 years, says Kjell Jansson, member of CERE's advisory board and CEO of Swedish Energy.

The electricity power base is being replaced by weather dependent electricity that needs to be stored in order to be available when the customers require it. – Storage of electricity is a key issue for long-term incorporation of renewable power into the global electricity system. My hope is that this will be investigated and that the government and parliament will realise the problem through the energy commission that is about to commence their activity, says Kjell Jansson.

Kjell Jansson, CEO of Swedish Energy. Photo Mona Bonta Bergman

On January 22nd 2015, CERE's board and advisory board met. The boards contain a number of renowned names like Kjell Jansson. We ask why he has chosen to sit on our advisory board: - I feel that economic research on energy and environment is of outmost importance. We must research into technology as well as economy. He wishes more activity within the issues that CERE research: - An extended CERE is what I wish for, and if I in any way can contribute to this, then it is time well spent. New research needs to be born into the policy process when the market conditions shift as much as they do at present.

Apart from Kjells current position he's worked at the Ministry of Energy and the Environment, director for Swedish National Grid, NUTEK (now Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth) and SCB (Statistics Sweden). Emissions trade was one of his many investigation commissions. – Kjell has long been a central figure in the energy-economic debate in Sweden. We are very pleased that Kjell want to be part of developing CERE together with us and other, all with exceptional merits, members of our advisory board for strategic issues. It is a key to CERE's continued success, says CERE's research director Bengt Kriström.

Outside of the office Kjell Jansson is an active hockey player, so we can't help but ask what he believes are the reasons behind Skellefteå AIK's success: - As an old AIK fan (Solna), I rejoice in each victory for Skellefteå AIK, there must be great leaders in SAIK since they can loose great players but always be at the top.
A good turn up at the meeting on January 22nd. Photos Mona Bonta BergmanA good turn up at the meeting on January 22nd. Photos Mona Bonta Bergman

CERE's Advisory Board for strategic issues

Professor Lars Bergman - Former President, Stockholm School of Economics
Professor Torbjörn Fagerström - Former CEO, Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research
Yvonne Fredriksson - Former Director General, Swedish Energy Markets Inspectorate
Kjell Jansson - CEO, Sweden Energy
Anders Kristoffersson – Former Senior Advisor, Ministry of Finance
Mårten Larsson - Senior Vice President Forestry, Head of Industrial Policy Department, Swedish Forest Industries Federation

Board of Directors

Chairman: Lars Hassel - Rector at the Umeå School of Business and Economics, Umeå University
Ove Nilsson - Professor, Department of Forest Genetics and Plant Physiology, SLU Umeå and Researcher, SweTree Technologies
Carina Keskitalo - Professor, Department of Social and Economic Geography, Umeå University
Hans Lundqvist - Professor, and Head of Department of Wildlife, Fish and Environmental Studies, SLU Umeå
Johan Fransson - Associate Professor, and Head of Department of Forest Resource Management, SLU Umeå
Research Director of CERE: Bengt Kriström - Professor, and Head of Department of Forest Economics, SLU Umeå, adjunct board member
Deputy Research Director of CERE: Runar Brännlund - Professor, USBE, Umeå University, adjunct board member
Scientific Secretary of CERE: Tommy Lundgren - Professor, USBE, Umeå University and Department of Forest Economics, SLU Umeå, Adjunct board member

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