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Does public procurement work as an instrument for environmental policy?

"Reduce environmental impact instead of moving in circles"

Electricity less costly than we think

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State of the Art in Payments for Environmental Services and Market-Based Instruments
Mon. 5 Oct, 2015 (9:00)

Seminar - Johannes Mauritzen
Wed. 7 Oct, 2015 (13:15)

Seminar - Caterina Miriello
Wed. 21 Oct, 2015 (13:15)

Seminar – Jit Prasernjee
Wed, 4 Nov 2015 (13:15)

Wed, 18 Nov 2015 (13:15)

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Working papers

Preference Cloud Theory: Imprecise Preferences and Preference Reversals
CERE WP#2015-9
Bayrak, O. K. & Hey, J. D.

Will adaptation delay the transition to clean energy systems?
CERE WP#2015-8
Bahn, O., de Bruin, K.C. and Fertel, C.

Renewable Energy Policy, Economic Growth and Employment in EU Countries: Gain without Pain?
CERE WP#2015-7
Jaraitė, J., Karimu, A., Kažukauskas, A. & Kažukauskas, P.

Is our everyday comfort for sale? Preferences for demand management on the electricity market
CERE WP#2015-6
Broberg, T. & Persson, L.

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