However, when put in a longer perspective, the area has increased. But the harvesting area increases in a pace that the forest can cope with, says Peichen Gong to ATL.

”The reported harvesting area of reforestation in 2015 was 254 683 hectares, which is close to the annual cross section for the last decade.”

”Viewed from a more long-term perspective, an apparent increase. During the period 1995-2004, the annual cross section reported was over 200 000 hectares of land. However, since the Gudrun storm of 2005, there has been an elevation of the annually reported harvesting area of reforestation.

The professor in Forest Economics from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences says that the Swedish forests can cope with the harvesting pace of today.

He says that: - The forest growth is 120 million cubic metres per annum. At the same time, 80-90 cubic metres are being harvested per annum. The standing volume increases. ”

Read the full article: ”Mindre lust att hugga skogen” (only in Swedish) from ATL, March 3rd, 2016.

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