Focus on the climate when the national seminar series; Kunskap i samverkan (Knowledge in collaboration) was held in Umeå on June 7th, 2017. CERE’s Kelly de Bruin was one of the speakers.

The minister for Higher Education and Research; Helene Hellmark Knutsson came on a visit to Umeå University with the national seminar series; Kunskap i samverkan (Knowledge in collaboration). Kelly de Bruin gave a talk on her research on IAM models. See her talk; Using Integrated Assessment models to investigate climate change impacts and policie.
Learn more and see all the presentations (only Kellys is in English)

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Krishnamurthy, C.K. Managing Water: Rights, Markets, and Welfare. pdfDownload
Amjadi, G., Lundgren, T., Persson, L. & Zhang, S. The Rebound Effect in Swedish Heavy Industry. pdfRead