Mattias Vesterberg at BC3CERE member Mattias Vesterberg ventured to Bilbao to exchange knowledge at the renowned Basque Center for Climate Change where economists, biologists and ecologists work together to tackle climate change. Learn more about his visit.

During September and first half of October, Mattias visited the Basque Center for Climate Change (BC3), located outside Bilbao, Spain. He was invited by Sebastien Faudi, who visited the Ulvön Conference some years ago and now works at BC3 as a researcher in economics.

Similar to CERE, BC3 is a multi-disciplinary and internationally recognized research center where economists, biologists and ecologists work together on research related to causes and consequences of climate change. Difficulties in communicating within a multi-disciplinary center are often universal, but at BC3 they have been able to unite around specific issues and methods, and one of the perks of visiting the center has been the many discussion on research issues with people from other disciplines.

During the stay, Mattias also had the opportunity to present his own research and the ongoing work at CERE, but also to attend seminars and workshops to learn about the ongoing research at BC3. Hopefully, this will result in future research collaborations, but in any case, the exchanges of ideas and research topics are highly valuable, and Mattias gained many new perspectives from different disciplines.

Mattias really enjoyed his visit to BC3, and everyone was very welcoming. In addition, the Basque country offered both scenic nature, great food and a fascinating history.
Mattias in Bilbao, photos Mattias Vesterberg

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