The welfare of the population must be addressed when analyzing the country’s development says the New Zeeland prime minister Jacinda Ardern when launching a new way to measure the welfare of the country. DN asked three economists, one of them Runar Brännlund, about their views on the New Zeeland decision.

“- Can’t imagine any one claiming that GDP is an ideal way to measure development or welfare, it isn’t a good measure. However, it isn’t either or, all measurements are necessary. GDP fulfills it function, says Runar Brännlund, Professor of Economics at Umeå University.”

“- The New Zeeland solution appears to mimic what we call genuine savings or genuine investments that studies how all capital stocks such as natural, human and social capital, in a society changes, says Runar Brännlund.”

Read the full article (only in Swedish), ”Experter gör tummen upp för Nya Zeelands välmående-budget” (Experts gives thumbs up for the New Zeeland welfare budget), published on DN February 21, 2019.

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