Environmental economics: New ideas in survey research

Ref SLU ua 2018.2.5.1-931

SLU seeks applications for an open post-doc position at the SLU-Umeå campus. Our group does research on environmental and resource economics within a Centre for Environmental and Resource Economics (CERE), one of the larger groups in Europe in the field. We are looking for postdoc applicants holding a PhD in economics, or related fields, having an interest in the intersection of economics, statistics and psychology. The applicant will work closely together with a post-doc in statistics and a team of researchers in psychophysics at the Stockholm University. The post-docs will be supervised jointly by Associate Professor Magnus Ekström, Umeå University, Professor Bengt Kriström, SLU/CERE and Professor Mats E. Nilsson, Stockholm University. The research focuses on improving surveys, not the least those used in non-market valuation research using self-selected intervals for elicitation. Both economic and statisical theory must be developed to cater for the non-standard type of data generated. A particularly important part of the testing this elicitation mechanism is carried out at the Gösta Ekman laboratory of cognitive neuroscience (GEL), Stockholm University.

The postdoc will be involved in all aspects of the research, including project planning, research design, data analysis, presentation of findings at conferences, and preparation of manuscripts for submission to leading peer-reviewed journals. The Postdoc will have the opportunity to co-author papers with colleagues, work with an array of affiliated faculty, including several post-docs interested in the same topic, and develop independent projects related to these research areas. There are no organizational or teaching duties, although teaching can be offered.

The appointment will be for two years with flexible starting date beginning August 2018.

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Economics and Energy Markets of the Future

The Department of Forest Economics at the Swedish Agricultural University (SLU), Umeå, seeks a PhD student in Economics, with a focus on Energy Economics in a broad sense. We seek a candidate who is interested in issues related broadly to energy markets, to work on a wide range of topics on both the demand and the supply side with a focus on rigorous empirical approaches, and in a (largely but not exclusively) Nordic setting. Topics of research interest include: aspects of demand flexibility for both retail and transmission sides; instrument choice in green energy subsidies and dealing with intermittency; the forests in relation to energy supply, with particular reference to the role of bio-fuels in energy markets and policies. The chosen student is expected to work closely with the supervising group, developing a research agenda and plan based upon the candidate's interests and those of the supervising group.

Note that the PhD program will entail participating in a standard set of courses, following the basic training for an Economics PhD holder, also to be identified along with the supervisory group. Details regarding research in progress and research interests of the supervisory group may be obtained from the individual webpages, and the broader research directions regarding energy and related fields at CERE may be obtained from the CERE webpage, including the working paper series.

The chosen candidate is expected to commence studies between May and August 2018, but the exact start date is negotiable. The position is contracted for a period four years, with progress based upon an annual evaluation of the student’s work. The chosen candidate will join an active group of economics-related PhD students at both the Department of Forest Economics at SLU and Umeå University's economics department.

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