Finansiär: Torsten Söderbergs Forskningsstiftelse
Löptid: 2013-2017
Kontakt: Tommy Lundgren

An important part of the sustainability debate has been devoted to what companies can do to facilitate sustainable development, so called corporate social responsibility (CSR). Profit maximization doesn't have to be in conflict with social responsibility as this behaviour may be strategic. Many empirical studies focus on the effects of being socially responsible on firm profitability. To some extent there are also theoretical analyses of CSR, but this research is still in its infancy; more theoretical studies combined with econometric analysis are needed to understand the drivers behind CSR. Furthermore, empirical studies of CSR need a stronger theoretical foundation than what we have seen in literature thus far. Specifically, in the context of CSR, we want to more closely examine the role of preferences, uncertainty, causality, cost of capital, risk, and public policy. It will become evident that these significant elements of economics and finance research agenda are closely linked to CSR.