Paper presented in 18th Annual POWER Conference on Energy Research and Policy

Using a rather unexplored dataset on tradable permit transaction, the study found that;
  • Transaction costs played an important role in the initial years of the EU ETS and were significant in explaining why some ETS firms did not participate in the European emission trading market and chose to trade allowances individually via third parties.
  • It was also evident that the importance of transaction costs was declining over time.
  • The study also found evidence that supports the concerns raised by the European Commission that transaction costs might be excessive for smaller participants.

CERE's Ammarnäs Workshop, 25-27 March

As most anthropologists know, when winter turn into spring, the CERE researchers conduct their yearly ritual in the Swedish mountains, called the Ammarnäs Workshop. The most significant feature of this ritual is that, unlike most gatherings within academia, it manly focuses on the work done by the junior members of the tribe – the so called Ph.D and Post-Doc researchers.

The Economics Dude

During the day, Erik Brockwell lives his life as an ordinary CERE researcher, but at night, he turns into the economics dude.


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