The Journal Resources, Conservation and Recycling plan for a special issue on Digital technology and energy sustainability impacts and policy needs. CERE’s Tommy Lundgren amongst the guest editors.

“While digital technology may bring substantial positive benefits, it also poses potential challenges to energy sustainability. Despite increasing amount of work on the broad effect of digitalization, understanding the effects of digital technology on energy sustainability remains a challenging task. As digital technology increasing becomes an integral part of the energy system, systematically assessing these diverse, dynamic, and subtle effects in the context of sustainability is particularly important to add new knowledge to existing literature. Some intuitive questions include: what will be the impact of digital technology on the world’s energy system? What opportunities will the investment in digital technology and the induced increase in digitalization practice bring to the energy system? What are the overall structural changes the digital revolution would bring? Broader aspects may concern environmental, economic, and social changes. For example, will the development of digital technology hinder or offer an opportunity for the development of renewable energy? Will it increase or decrease carbon emissions? From the social perspective, how will the emerging digital technology transform societies in which they will be embedded and which they will connect? Examining the diverse and dynamic nexus between digital technology and energy sustainability can produce important policy insights for stakeholders worldwide. It is time for the academic society to pave the road toward a complete jigsaw puzzle. (Click on headline to learn more)

This special issue aims to focus on the impact of the emerging digital technologies on the sustainability of energy systems, and consequently the needs for policy measures to provide an appropriate regulatory framework and confront associated unintended challenges. Different and innovative methodological approaches are encouraged. The content of this special issue is not limited to a certain country. The editors welcome any case studies from developed and developing countries with clear relevance for global digital technology development. Topics of specific interest include, but are not limited to, the following:
  • Impacts of digital technology and digitalization practice on energy systems, climate and, the environment.
  • Possible changes resulting from digitalization in electricity generation, mobility, housing, etc. and consequences of energy digitalization for energy market reforms.
  • Impacts of digital technology and digitalization on economic growth, social inequality, sustainability, and quality of life.
  • Impacts of digital technology on access to affordable modern energy services, especially in rural areas.
  • Policy responses to deal with the high energy consumption of new digital infrastructure in energy systems.
  • The role of digital technology in supporting energy security.
  • Emerging questions about energy sustainability during the growth of digital technology.”
The Journal Resources, Conservation and Recycling, Elsevier

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