Professor Bengt Kriström is going to be the key note speaker in the first edition of the Workshop on non-market valuation at the University Institute of Technology of Nantes. The workshop will gather some 30 participants.
Professor Kriström will present his main field of interest, self-selected intervals. The workshop is organized by Pierre-Alexandre Mahieu who's previously been a postdoc at CERE. The main objectives of the workshop is to provide a forum for networking of high quality papers in the field of non-market valuation and to create a platform where PhD students, researchers and other people in this field of work can meet every year. The workshop will deal with both theoretical and applied papers within stated preference and revealed preference methods.

Professor Kriström is looking forward to participate and to interact with a circle of people with whom he has previously worked together and hope that the workshop will bring future contacts and a solid platform for researchers within the field.
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