Bengt Kriström, foto: Mona Bonta BergmanDet är EAERE (European Association of Environmental and Resource Economics) som ska välja en ny president och CERE:s forskningsledare Bengt Kriström är en av två kandidater.

Presidentskapet är ett engagemang om sex år i varierande grad med start 1 januari 2014. Omröstningen pågår till 15 november 2013.

Mer information finns på EAERE:s hemsida.

Bengts uttalande om EAERE från "EAERE is a success story ever since its inception and why change a winning formula? There is little need to make larger changes, but perhaps there is still scope for some minor improvements. First, while scientific organizations do well working silently in the background, I think we can do more to share our deliberations with the public. EAERE helps getting researchers together, organizes courses and assists the dissemination of research findings in a myriad ways; it is a hub of European environmental economics. Even so, this powerhouse is not too well-known to the public and I think we should promote the organization a bit more, especially around the yearly meeting. Second, I think the organization should continue its fine efforts to promote replication and openness of research. There are too many examples for comfort (in related fields) where replication standards have been too low. Third, an idea that ties in with openness and a point Professor Markandya has made; we should consider additional pathways to expand our co-operation with other scientific fields, including at our annual meetings. Psychology, sociology and environmental history immediately come to mind, but there is more, of course. Such co-operation can only help enlarging our horizons of knowledge, which as Richard Feynman famously noted, provides a natural dynamic for the inquisitive mind: "With more knowledge comes a deeper, more wonderful mystery, luring one on to penetrate deeper still. Never concerned that the answer may prove disappointing..., we turn over each new stone ...leading on to more wonderful questions and mysteries.." EAERE provides exceptionally useful avenues for working together to find useful answers to all the "wonderful questions and mysteries" that environmental and resource economics has to offer. Let's keep it that way and let us try to make it an even more effective confluence area for the flow of scientific ideas."


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