Several members from CERE were there to present their research. One CERE member; Erik Brockwell, was awarded "Best Poster Award" for his presentation named "The Signaling Effect of Environmental and Health-Based Taxation Policy: An Empirical Analysis".
ErikBrockwell_infrontofPosterThe objective of the paper is to examine how taxes affect the consumption of goods that are damaging to health and the environment. Examining whether a tax increase will lead to a larger change in consumption than would a producer price change, is referred to as the signaling effect from taxation. Through an empirical analysis using data and information on major legislation introductions in Sweden, Denmark and the United Kingdom from the years 1970 to 2009, the author finds that a tax policy is more effective in tackling consumption of goods producing negative public effects, such as pollution, than goods that cause negative private effects such as impacts on an individual's health.

Full details and a copy of the paper are available on the CERE website. Erik was awarded with a voucher of the value of €1000 to be shared with the joint winner of the award Gregory Smith from University of East Anglia.
The 20th Annual Conference of the European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists was held in Toulouse, France this summer from June 26 to 29 2013. The conference covers current topics in environmental and resource economics with participants attending from all over the world.

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Eriks poster and paper are available here

Photo by Andrius Kazukauskas 


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