catiaMeet Catia Cialani, a former member of CERE. Catia started working as an Adjunct Lecturer at Dalarna University in the Fall 2012 where she is involved in the teaching of the following courses: Economics and Financing of Solar Energy, in the Master program of Solar Energy, Microeconomics (introductory, intermediate and advanced level), Macroeconomics and International Economics within the Economics and Tourism program. There's also time for some research in Environmental Economics and in the Tourism sector. She is currently collaborating with some researchers from Italy on a paper dealing with the circular economy. She is also collaborating with a researcher from Great Britain on tobacco consumption.

Catia is pleased with her current position, and she says the University has a very International Environment with colleagues from Bangladesh, Russia, Greece, Germany, China, etc that makes her feel right at home. She describes the work environment as very nice and that people are very active. The most interesting aspect of her work place is the interdisciplinary research environment, all departments collaborate in writing co-joint papers and they share common projects. They also have weekly seminars within microdata analysis research group and Tourism seminar series more oriented on Tourism sector.

She cannot get bored with such sportive colleagues. They have weekly training together outside during lunch time, (inside in the basement during winter time), and participation in many running races around Dalarna. They quite often eat Sushi all together and they go for after work at the end of each month to play some music games in pubs as.

"Although I am very happy here, I miss all CERE people, especially our fika time and the fruitful discussions about future research topics concerning the environment and energy issues." Catia says.
Dalarna University is a small University situated north of Stockholm and has two main Campuses; one in Borlänge and the other one in Falun.


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