The importance of intellectual flow has been stressed since the start of CERE nearly four years ago . Visitors to CERE and CERE researchers visits to other research centers has frequently been reported in our newsletters and the flow of people strengthens research. Now we thought we would revisit former CERE members and see what they are up to now. In this article, meet Sevil Acar.

Sevil_photoSevil Acar, joined CERE in 2011 and is now working at Kemerburgaz University, Istanbul, Turkey. Though she has left CERE, she still keeps in contact and collaborates with CERE. She is collaborating with Runar Brännlund and Magnus Lindmark in a carbon convergence project. She hopes for more opportunities in the future.

As a diligent academic researcher, she never stops seeking and exploring economic problems, which can be seen from her achievement. In the past two years, she cooperated with other researchers and published four academic papers:

"Environmental Kuznets Curve and the Pasteur Effect: Historical Evolution of Environmental Costs" (with Magnus Lindmark), European Review of Economic History. Under review 2013.
"Sustainability in the Making? A Historical Estimate of Swedish Sustainable and Unsustainable Development 1850-2010", (with Magnus Lindmark), Ecological Economics, Volume 86, February 2013, Pages 176-187.
"Sources of Inequality in Selected MENA Countries", (with Fatma Dogruel), Structural Change and Economic Dynamics, 23 (3): 276–285, September 2012.
"Natural Resource Abundance - Regional Blessing or Curse?" (with Johanna Zola), in U. Izmen (Ed) Symposium Book of The First Symposium on Regional Dynamics in Development: The Strategies and Practices from Global to Local, TURKONFED, Istanbul, pp. 141-152, April 2012.


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