Mathilda Eriksson, PhD student in environmental economics and a CERE member has been at the department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (ARE) at Berkeley University.

As a visiting PhD student, she spent one semester at Berkeley to enrich her research in Integrated Assessment Modelling (IAM), climate change and forest carbon sequestration. Currently, she is developing a forest sector model which assesses the effects of different environmental and forest management policies on the forest carbon balance.

Moreover, she took the advantage to follow a popular course in applied econometrics held by Michael Anderson. He's an Associate Professor at ARE interested in environmental economics, health economics, and applied econometrics and known for being a good teacher and researcher.

The visit in Berkeley has been inspiring in terms of seminars, workshops, which are held both by ARE and the Department of Economics. Further, building up a network by meeting other PhD students and researchers in her field have been a motivation booster. In September, Mathilda participated at the 4th Annual All-UC Conference on Energy and Environmental Economics, which was organized by the University of California Centre for Energy and Environmental and Economics.

The visit has not only been inspiring in professional terms but also personally. During the weekends, Mathilda find herself hiking in the nearest parks, visiting San Francisco and its' surrounding.Mathilda Eriksson

Mathilda Eriksson in front of the Giannini building where the ARE is located. Photo: Tomas Raattamaa. 


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