The log keeping track on allowance transaction information within the European emission trading system have been lacking in the associated firms, an issue now solved with a little help from CERE members.
Illustration by Mona Bonta Bergman

The European Transmission Log (EUTL) keeps track on transaction information within the European Union Emission Trading System. More specifically, it contains information on obligated installations, their respective account holders, compliance and allowance transaction data. This is all administrated and published on account level. However, information regarding associated firms is limited or incomplete.

Responsibility on company level

This poses a problem when analyzing EUTL data since parent companies are ultimately responsible for allowance management. Which meant that the dataset needed to be on a company level instead of account level. Consequently a group of five researchers set out to combine current information on EU ETS account holders and historical information on parent companies.

Public dataset resolves the issue

The result is "the Ownership Links and Enhanced EUTL Dataset" which "provides detailed information on the matching of Person Holding Accounts (PHAs) and Operator Holding Accounts (OHAs) with the companies that own them." (from the European University Institute). The dataset is made publicly available to help researchers in the future and can be found at the European University Institute.

Read more or download the dataset.
Get in touch with CERE members, Jūratė Jaraitė and Andrius Kažukauskas who were part of the research group together with:
Thijs Jong, University of Groningen, Department of Law and Economics
Aleksandar Zaklan, Project Coordinator, European University Institute, Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies; DIW Berlin
Alexander Zeitlberger, Karl-Franzens University of Graz, Department of Finance


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