Tommy Lundgren held a summer course in China, Alejandro Egüez went to Austria for Summer School at IIASA and Runar Brännlund held three sessions at the politician week at Almedalen.

Professor Tommy Lundgren's summer course in China

Professor Tommy Lundgren taught a summer course "Environmental Economics and Policy with Focus on Energy and the Climate" at an international summer school. The course was held at Renmin University of China, one of the highest-ranked universities in China, for about 35 undergraduate and master students. The course covered broad set of topics within 3 weeks with focus on climate and energy issues.

When asked about his opinion on the Summer School, he answered:
"The RUC International Summer School 2015 was very well organized and it was a great experience to have been a part of it. About 100 courses were given (20 within economics) on various topics and most of them had foreign instructors. In my course the students were mostly from China but quite a few foreigners also. The students were eager to learn about environmental economics, which was noticeable in the paper they had to write for my course. Many students showed a real concern for environmental problems in China and the course gave them some ideas on how to tackle them."

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PhD Alejandro Egüez's participation in a summer course in applied system analysis

Alejandro participated in a Summer School (2-4 September 2015) at the International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis – IIASA, Laxenburg, Austria. When asked about his opinion about the Summer School, he answered:
"For me, it was a really useful summer school because it gave me key insights to understand the challenges, limitations and strategies on how scientific research from academia can contribute to policy making in terms of using evidence (which is an important input for research within energy-economic modeling) in the most effective way to address relevant energy policy aspects."

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Pictures from the summer school

Professor Runar Brännlund at Almedalen

Professor Runar participated in this year's Swedish Political meeting at Almedalen and represented the academia. He participated in three seminars and spoke on three key issues:
  • The future electricity markets with specific focus on demand sustainability
  • Climate policy and the value for Sweden to go ahead the rest of the world
  • Mining issues and the challenges of land use in the North
According to Runar, consumers of electricity appear not to be flexible and the value for Sweden for taking the lead in climate policy is very small. Also, he noted that the main problem with land issues in the North is the lack of well-defined property rights for lands. Click for full article on Runar at Almedalen. 


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