Victoria Ayubu' from Mtwara in Tanzania started on September 1st and will focus on economic modeling of climate for Africa.
Photo: Richard LindbergTell us a little bit about yourself (what you enjoy the most/the lease of life)
My name is Victoria and I am from Mtwara Tanzania, I hold a bachelor degree in economics from Makerere University in Uganda. After my bachelor degree, I worked with the United Nations Volunteers in the tourism sector as an economist. Having worked for a few years, I decided it was time to dare another continent, so why not Europe? I eventually settled for Sweden where I also pursued a master's degree in economics here at Umeå University. In my free time, I enjoy going on safaris, preparing Tanzanian dishes, watching observational documentaries and my favorite sport; wrestling.
What motivated you to pursue a PhD?
Pursuing a PhD has always been a dream I hoped to achieve since childhood. Other than that a year after my master's I got an opportunity to work as a research assistant on a UNEP (forthcoming) study on climate change and adaptation policies in Africa . It was interesting to realize that poor adaptation capability is common in many poor countries yet the global impact and vulnerability of climate change is more of a threat to these nations.
Tell us a little bit about your preliminary research ideas
I will concentrate on the economic modelling of climate for Africa.
What are your main expectations about the following PhD Years?
I hope to acquire better knowledge and skills in this particular field that will enable me to contribute to a change for the many affected poor countries.

Photo: Richard Lindberg


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