As an international Centre for research and education, CERE regularly sends researchers abroad to strengthen its relations to other institutions in the field. Currently, two PhD students are spending a term abroad, read their reports.

Tharshini ThangaveluTSE photo is getting new insights at Toulouse School of Economics (TSE), France. Having previously been to France, she gladly jumped at the chance to return to the country and believes that the change of environment will benefit her research. As a visiting PhD student she joined research groups in both her fields of interest, environmental and development economics. One of the most valuable experiences of her stay so far is the participation in the reading group in environmental economics, where PhD students, junior and senior researchers and professors attend the presentations on papers published in highly qualified journals. She appreciates this great initiative and the discussions of the reading group as a great way to understand the research environment and to learn how to ask the right questions. Summing up her experience, Tharshini says that she enjoys a lot the heterogeneity of the research environment at TSE.
Photo from TSE

Mattias VesterbergSince August, Mattias Vesterberghas been keeping up the traditionally good relations between the University of Umeå and the University of California in Berkeley. The department for agricultural and resource economics invited him to join them as a visiting scholar. He was drawn to UC Berkeley because it “is one of the absolute best universities in the world, and their economics departments are really successful with lots of publications in top journals and many really smart people.” Asked about interesting experiences, he replies he has attended many of the seminar series offered which also includes seminars in environmental economics, econometrics, and psychology and economics. They gave him the opportunity to meet people on the frontier of environmental economics research, like Hunt Allcott, Dmitry Taubniski and Severin Borenstein. Of course Mattias does not miss out to experience American Life outside of the academic environment. He says, “obviously, California is a nice place to explore during weekends, and I have also had the time to do a couple of road trips, see the Redwood forest, surfing in the pacific ocean and eating great food!” He will bring back a lot of inspiration, lots of new ideas and some great memories.

This picture shows that you do not have to separate academics and leisure: research can be done in trees as well.


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