AemiroAemiro arrived at CERE this November and his research interests are in valuation of non-marketed environmental goods and services.

Tell us a bit about yourself and what do you like...
I was born and brought up in the Northwestern part of Ethiopia. Having my origin in a culturally diverse nation I enjoy eating Ethiopian traditional food (doro wot), especially on holidays. Music is always my comfort zone. I really love listening to old and slow Ethiopian music. I also like meeting new people and old high school and campus friends.

And what about your studies? Why did you decide to come to CERE?
I have my bachelor degree in Economics from Jimma University and my second degree in Resource and Environmental Economics from Addis Ababa University. I have worked as a teaching assistant at Debre Berhan University in Ethiopia for about 3 years and I always feel that I have to reinforce my knowledge in Economics with further education and research. Since I have my masters’ degree in Resource and Environmental Economics I was inspired to join a renowned research center and continue my study in this field. CERE was then my ideal choice and I am glad I could join it.

What are you planning to do during your PhD?
In my PhD years I will expose myself to advanced courses in economics and new and existing research methods in environmental economics. Most goods and services from the environment have no actual market prices. Uncovering the value and preferences people have to the different services from the environment enables to design policies which help them better use and manage their resources. I am therefore interested in application of stated preference environmental valuation methods particularly to ecosystem and energy issues.

After your PhD, what would you like people at CERE to remember you for?
I will not essentially leave CERE after my PhD since I will keep advancing and promoting its works wherever I go. But I want everybody here to remember my kind approach to people and eagerness to learn new skills.


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