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Nyhetsbrev 3, utskickat 1 oktober
Can wind power be made more flexible?
Economists, biologists and ecologists at BC3
No Poverty, Zero Hunger
Visit from the University of Guilan, Iran
The Sören Wibe Prize 2018 awarded to research on optimal policy guide to greener economy
Where to concentrate the effort in the struggle with climate change?
Who is responsible for forest conservation goals? Private forest owner beliefs and voluntary forest set-asides.
”The winners and losers of climate change”
Nyhetsbrev 2, utskickat 26 jumi
New Post Doc position out in experimental economics
Residential electricity demand on export
Tax on flight and bonus malus ineffective
Creation of “green jobs” at expense of lost “brown jobs”
”Fast trains neither supported by environment nor economy”
Can companies take social responsibility and still make a profit?
Nyhetsbrev 1, utskickat 27 mars
Don't miss: two new positions open at CERE
Research visit to the Institute for Transport Studies and Choice Modeling Centre at the University of Leeds
Dynamic residential pricing of electricity: is it beneficial for households and the electric system?
"The intellectual collapse of environmental policy"
Escaping the pastoralist paradox in the face of climate change
PhD student Jinggang Guo's experience at Purdue
Opinion: Big bubbles, no troubles


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