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Nyhetsbrev 4, utskickat 30 november
Författat av Golnaz Amjadi och Aemiro Melkamu 

Two new articles on: energy use on appliances level, hourly income elasticities, monetary incentives of load shifting
New article on evaluating conceptual definitions of ecosystem services
CERE welcomes post doc Erlend Dancke Sandorf
Large grant to CERE member
New Assistant Professor at SLU
Nyhetsbrev 3, utskickat 4 oktober
Författat av Victoria Ayubu och Alejandro Egües

Natural capital has declined and produced capital increased
Tradable Permits in Cost-benefit Analysis
Welcome to CERE Klarizze Puzon
A new book on the impact of Climate Policy on Environmental and Economic Performance
Nyhetsbrev 2, utskickat 8 juni
Författat av Tharshini Thangavelu och Anders Vesterberg

Philip Kofi Adom received the Global Swede 2016
Considerable potentials to improve the energy efficiency of Swedish industrial firms
The role of the forests as a mitigation strategy
Preference Cloud Theory, a two-step model of decision making under risk
Energy efficiency improvements in Swedish industry possible with a well-designed tax system
The largest welfare losses can be avoided, by accounting for forest emissions
Nyhetsbrev 1, utskickat 2 mars 
Författat av Oben Bayrak och Mattias Vesterberg

Energy demand Management in Selected African Countries
New theory for decision making under risk
Increase carbon storage in forests
There is potential energy efficiency improvement in all Swedish industry manufacturing sectors
What is the value of marine environmental improvements?
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