Associate Professor Tommy Lundgren and Professor Shawna Grosskopf becomes affiliated professorn at CERE and Umeå School of Business and Economics. 

tommyAssociate Professor Tommy Lundgren has been appointed affiliated professor at CERE and Umeå School of Business. Associate Professor Lundgren will enhance our research profile, not least through its research on issues related to environmental efficiency and social considerations companies, so-called corporate social responsibility.

Tommy Lundgren currently has a position as researcher at SLU and is also affiliated with CERE. Tommy Lundgren's research has a broad focus on environmental and natural resource economics. In recent years, it is largely focused on the effects of environmental and energy policy in Swedish industry and how the increased use of bioenergy affects our well-being and the environment. He has published his research in journals such as Land Economics, Environmental & Resource Economics, Economics Letters, Ecological Economics, and the Journal of Transport Economics & Policy. Furthermore, Lundgren taught at all levels, particularly in environmental and resource economics, but also more general courses such as micro-economic theory. Lundgren is currently conducting several research projects in collaboration with other researchers at CERE. Lundgren received "Skytteanska Prize" for outstanding young researchers (2004) and the Globe Award (2008) for "... outstanding and tangible research in the field of Corporate Social Responsibility."

shawna_grosskopfProfessor Shawna Grosskopf is appointed as adjunct professor at CERE and Umeå School of Business and Economics. Professor Grosskopf will strenghten our research profile further as she is one of the leading researchers in, among other things, efficiency and productivity measurement.

Professor Grosskopf is currently Professor of Economics at Oregon State University, USA. Her research areas are public economics, efficiency and productivity measurement, production theory, environmental economics and health economics. Professor Grosskopf also has broad and deep educational experience. Her research includes theoretical works in efficiency and productivity measurement with a wide range of empirical applications such as productivity in the public sector (education, employment and health care to name a few examples) and environmental policy effectiveness. She is the author and co-author of a dozen books, and has more than 200 publications in peer review journals and books, such as American Economic Review, Journal of econometrics, Environmental and Resource Economics, and the Journal of Productivity Analysis. The number of citations to her work far exceeds 10 000. She is also currently an associate editor of the Journal of Productivity Analysis, and sits on the Editorial Board for Health Care Management Science. She was also the recipient of Kerstin Hesselgren professorship in 1996 to honor the first woman in the Swedish Parliament.


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