18th Ulvön Conference on Environmental Economics

21-23 June, 2011, Ulvön, Sweden


pdf Erik Naevdal
pdf Anders Skonhoft
pdf Peter Kelly
pdf Peter Berck
pdf Hans Jörgensen
pdf Dick Brazee
pdf Chantal Toledo
pdf Geir Asheim
pdf Sevil Acar
pdf Kelly de Bruin
pdf Claudine Uwera
pdf Scott Cole
pdf Christos Verouchis
pdf Mikael Levin
pdf Vincent Upton
pdf Ann-Kristin Bergquist
pdf Amin Karimu
pdf Jon Olaf Olaussen
pdf Yuri Belyaev
pdf Anna Segerstedt
pdf Smanti Banerjee

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Frequently asked questions

Hotels in Umeå

Pictures from Ulvön

The main purpose of the Ulvön Conference on Environmental Economics is to provide a forum for the dissemination of high quality research in environmental economics. Ulvön is a small, attractive fishing hamlet, located on the Swedish east-coast, approximately 500 km North of Stockholm. The number of conference participants is typically about 30. A key purpose of the Ulvön meetings is to provide an opportunity for PhD students to interact with leading researchers in their field of specialization. You can find information about earlier meetings via this link.

Speakers include:

Geir Asheim, University of Oslo

There is a conference fee of 400 EUR, which includes food, lodging and all transportation to and from the relevant airports (either Örnsköldsvik (OER) or Umeå (UME)). The times to get on the bus (trip begins in Umeå and then proceeds southbound to Örnsköldsvik) and the return trip times are listed at this page . Students may apply for being exempted from the fee, if they present a paper. We are constrained by limitations at the site. If the capacity constraints is exceeded, the organizing committee will accept papers based on timeliness and quality (both parameters have positive weights in the decision function, so the earlier the better). Given the previous proportion of "no-shows", the following incentive-program has been imposed. The conference fee has to be pre-paid. An accepted student paper translates to a complete rebate of the fee on personal appearance. The conference fee will be returned under one additional condition, namely that we find no space for your paper in the program. A student without paper will have 75% of the fee returned. In addition, if your fee is not registered in our account before 1 June 2011 (any proof of transaction before 1 June will also do) we interpret this as a cancellation.

Register here.


As part of the conference, a course will be given in the treatment of non-linearities, threshold effects and catastrophic risk in dynamic resource management. The course will be applied in nature and analytical methods covered to the extent that they are required to formulate problems and understand solutions. Thus both analytical and numerical methods will be taught. There are no formal prerequisites but a solid understanding of deterministic optimal control theory is required to successfully follow the course. Interested students may after completion take an exam for credit. The course will start one day before the Conference, i.e. June 20. To sign-up and obtain more detailed information, contact Eric Nævdal [Den här e-postadressen skyddas mot spambots. Du måste tillåta JavaScript för att se den.].

Provide a title for a suggested presentation when you register. Abstract deadline is 15 May, 2011. We encourage electronic submission of manuscripts.

Selected papers will be refereed for a special issue of Journal of Forest Economics.

Organizing Committee

Runar Brännlund, Centre for Environmental & Resource Economics (CERE), Umeå, Sweden

Bengt Kriström, Centre for Environmental & Resource Economics (CERE), Umeå,

Karl-Gustaf Löfgren, Centre for Environmental & Resource Economics (CERE), Umeå,


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