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Seminar - Svante Mandell
november 05, 2014 (13:15)
Seminar - Chandra Kiran
november 19, 2014 (13:15)
Seminar - Chuan-Chong Li
december 03, 2014 (13:15)
Seminar - Jesper Stage
december 17, 2014 (13:15)
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CERE WP #2014-13
Broberg, T., Brännlund, R., Kazukauskas, A., Persson L. & Vesterberg, M. En elmarknad i förändring - Är kundernas flexibilitet till salu eller ens verklig? pdf Download

CERE WP #2014-14
Mahieu, P-A., Donfouet, H. P. P. & Kriström B. Determinants of willingness-to-pay for renewable energy: does the age of nuclear power plant reactors matter? pdf Download

CERE WP #2014-11
Geijer, E. Eutrophication reduction from a holistic perspective pdf DownloadSave

CERE WP #2014-12
Brännlund, R., Karimu, A. and Söderholm, P. Convergence in carbon dioxide emissions and the role of growth and institutions A parametric and nonparametric analysis pdf Download

CERE WP #2014-9
Lundgren, T., Marklund, P-O. and Zhang, S. Energy Efficiency in Swedish Industry A Stochastic Frontier Approach pdf Download

CERE WP #2014-10
Brännlund, R.Lundgren, T. and Söderholm, P. Convergence of carbon dioxide performance across Swedish industrial sectors An environmental index approach pdf Download

CERE WP #2014-6
Broberg, T., Relative income and the WTP for public goods - A case study of forest conservation in Sweden pdf Download

Ulvön 20th Anniversary Skriv ut E-postadress
2013-09-11 15:42
On the 18th-20th June, CERE celebrated the 20th Anniversary of the Ulvön Conference on Environmental Economics. Due to the special occasion and the consistent popularity of the conference, accommodation and places for the conference were filled up fast.
The conference started back in 1993 when CERE's research director Bengt Kriström was at the Stockholm School of Economics and invited Paul Portney to speak at Ulvön.
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CERE at EAERE 20th Annual Conference Skriv ut E-postadress
2013-09-11 15:37
Several members from CERE were there to present their research. One CERE member; Erik Brockwell, was awarded "Best Poster Award" for his presentation named "The Signaling Effect of Environmental and Health-Based Taxation Policy: An Empirical Analysis".
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CERE members presented at the International Energy Workshop Skriv ut E-postadress
2013-09-11 15:30
Two CERE members presented their papers at the conference; Jurate Jaraite presented her paper "Firm Trading Behaviour and Transaction Costs in the European Union's Emission Trading System: An Empirical Assessment" and Mathilda Eriksson presented "The Role of the Forest in an Integrated Assessment Model of the Climate and the Economy".
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Bengt's visits Workshop on Non-Market Valuation in Nantes, France Skriv ut E-postadress
2013-09-11 15:21
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New CERE working papers include two new authors and are available on the CERE website Skriv ut E-postadress
2013-09-11 15:09
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