Sem: Jana Rahko

onsdag 21 feb, 2024

13:00 - 14:00

SLU Kronan A315

Wednesday February 21 at 1 pm, our CERE Seminar Series will host Jaana Rahko. She is Assistant Professor at the School of Accounting and Finances, University of Vaasa.

The title of her presentation is: Vertical technology spillovers and the energy intensity of European industries.


Prior literature has argued that the inter-sectoral supply chain linkages provide an important channel for technology diffusion and productivity spillovers across industries, but whether such vertical spillovers influence the industrial energy use has remained unexplored thus far. This study analyzes how the energy intensity of European industries is affected by the vertical technology spillovers along the industrial supply chain. The analysis combines input-output tables, energy use and patent data. Panel data for years 2000-2014 for 27 industries in 29 countries is analyzed using panel estimation and instrumental variable methods. The results show that supply chain linkages channel significant technology spillovers that promote reduction in energy intensity in the downstream industries. These spillovers mainly appear to be linked to overall energy productivity development in the upstream industries and to lesser extent to patented green innovations in upstream industries.