The support is limited for curbside collection of newspaper CERE’s Thomas Broberg explains on DN debate, December 3rd 2019. The disadvantages with the service may outweigh the advantages if curbside collection is designed without collaboration between municipalities and producer responsibility actors.

Thomas Broberg means that the pros and cons with curbside collection of newspaper needs to be balanced. He bases his argument on a survey conducted in the municipality of Umeå where residential household preferences for different of systems for collecting recycling was examined. That survey shows that only a third of the residential households demand curbside collection, however 42 percent claim it will not facilitate their recycling. The increased service might even counteract the benefits and end up in increased weekday hassle and additional heavy traffic in the neighborhood.

Read the newspaper article “Inte säkert fastighetsnära tidningsinsamling är bättre” (Not certain that curbside paper collection is preferable, only in Swedish) published on DN debate, December 3rd 2019 and a response to the debate article ”Pappersbranschen vägrar införa en bättre tidningsinsamling” (The paper industry refuses to introduce a better collection of newspapers, only in Swedish) published on DN debate December 2nd, 2019.

pdfSee preliminary results from the survey regarding residential household preferences for systems of recycling collection (only in Swedish).

pdfSee the survey design (only in Swedish).

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