Tommy LundgrenTommy Lundgren and Moriah Bostian in winter attire both smiling. will be heading a team of Editor-in-chiefs including Moriah Bostian (affiliated with CERE and Lewis & Clark College) and Shunsuke Managi (CERE MoU, Urban Institute, Kyushu University) for the publication of the Encyclopedia of Energy, Natural Resource, and Environmental Economics (Elsevier), a major reference work including about 150 articles by frontline scholars in their respective fields. This is the 2nd edition, the first edited by J. Shogren (U. of Wyoming) came out in 2013

The 2nd edition of the Encyclopedia is planned to be published in 2023.

The photo is from the Ammarnäs Winter Workshop in 2019 which both Bostian and Lundgren attended. The photo is a cut out from a larger group photo taken at the Winter Workshop. Photo CERE. 

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