Mattias Vesterberg takes a closer look at demand flexibility in a SNS report and on Dagens industry. Trusting in the households willingness to adapt are often unrealistic, says Mattias Vesterberg.

Over the summer, southern Sweden have suffered from electricity shortages, which, according to Mattias, points to the challenges the Swedish electricity market is facing. One of the discussed solutions is that households should actively face the challenges by adjusting their electricity use hours when more electricity is available. This, however, is quite the task considering that household use electricity for heating when it’s cold, light when its dark, and cooking when they are hungry and at home. That the household would be flexible here is often unrealistic according to Mattias Vesterberg.

The Dagens industri debate article ”Hushållen löser inte elbristen”, published September 13th, 2020. (only in Swedish)

The SNS report (2020) ”Den svenska elmarknaden: Är hushållen en kraft att räkna med?” (only in Swedish).

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