During the first three phases of the EU emissions trading system, Swedish manufacturing companies have decreased emissions. Companies part of this system have however not decreased their emissions more than companies not part of the system but eligible for carbon tax. This from a new thesis by Sandra Schusser, SLU. She also shows that population behaviour has changed in favour of greener choices, however, only in some areas.

In her PhD work at SLU, Sandra analysed Swedish industry emissions during the three first phases of the EU emissions trading system (EU-ETS) 2005-2016 and found that emissions decrease however in a slow fashion despite green technology investments.

The reason for this could be that company investments have yet to result in useable technique but also that companies await more stringent governmental policy, says Sandra Schusser.

Read the thesis “Moving towards a more sustainable world - Four essays on renewable energy, emissions trading and environmental behaviour
Pressrelease from SLU.se (only in Swedish) “Trots investeringar och ändrade konsumtionsmönster minskar utsläppen långsamt”.

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