The material is from a course held at CERE by the price winning professor Erwin Bulte.
In the second week of June CERE hosted a graduate course entitled "Resources, Institutions and Underdevelopment" by Professor Erwin Bulte. Professor Bulte has both a professorship in development economics at Wageningen Agricultural University and a professorship in environmental economics at Tilburg University. Bulte is most well-known for his work on the resource curse, which awarded him the Erik Kempe Prize for best journal article in the field of environmental and resource economics.

The lectures covered not only the resource curse but also topics on institutional endogeneity, experimental design in economics, and many other topics that can perhaps best be labelled "microeconomic research methodology". Bulte's lectures, which we hereby make public, should be of interest to all young economists.

Course material:

pdf Cursed by resources
pdf Institutions rule
pdf Endogeneity, my dear
pdf Lies, damned lies, experiments

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