The two professors visited Umeå and CERE in May and June. DSCF2519Gardner Brown, Professor Emeritus at the University of Washington, came to Umeå in the end of May and stayed through the whole of June. He gave a CERE seminar titled "Pricing of National Parks". During the Ulvön conference held during June 19-21 he was keynote speaker and gave the presentation "Trees and Leaves: How Many Leaves Should Women Sweep" .

Erwin-bulte_webErwin Bulte who is Professor of environmental and natural resource economics at Tilburg University visited Umeå in June and held a course named "Resources, Institutions and Underdevelopment". The course was mainly directed to PhD students but everyone was welcome to attend. For five days he addressed topics such as the resource curse, the role of institutional quality and social capital for economic development and the use of experiments within the field of economics. During the last day of the course, the PhD students were given the chance to present their own research and discuss it with and receive comments by the two professors Bulte and Brown. See and download the course material here.

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