Along with Olivier Beaumais (University of Rouen, France) and Pere Riera (Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain), Bengt was one of the key speakers of the event representing CERE with his article, "Two-Step Approach of Self-Selected Interval Data in Elicitation Surveys". Along with the two day academic agenda, social events were offered in Nantes in beautiful locations. As Bengt has quoted, "Nantes is a lovely city, famous, inter alia, for its science park that is continually being expanded". Further details, pictures and videos can be found at the conference webpage.

From the 24th-25th of June, Bengt Kriström attended the Workshop on Non-Market Valuation in Nantes, France. In connections with EAERE, University of Nantes, LEMNA, GEA and IUT Nantes, the coordinator of the conference was Pierre-Alexandre Mathieu who has spent some time with CERE as a post-doc in Umeå. The purpose of the conference was to provide a forum for dissemination of research regarding non-market valuation with both theoretical and applied papers dealing with stated preference methods or revealed preference methods. Selected papers were also refereed for the special issue of the Revue d'Economie Politique.

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