Foto Mattias PetterssonThe Swedish Energy Market Inspectorate report "En elmarknad i förändring – Är kundernas flexibilitet till salu eller ens verklig?" (A changing electricity market – Are the customers flexibility for sale or even real?) had reached the Minister of Energy, Ibrahim Baylan, at the Ministry of the Environment. Therefore, at a visit to Umeå University, some of the authors gave them a closer look.

Photo Mattias Pettersson
Amongst the visitors one could in addition to the Minister of Energy find, Press Secretary Gunilla Hjalmarsson and Political Expert Sara Darabi from the Ministry of the Environment.  But also the municipal commissioner Hans Lindgren (s) visited on his first day on the job together with Maria Lindberg (s) and Mikael Berglund, chairman of Umeå Energi. CERE was represented by Jūratė Jaraitė and the report by two of its authors; Thomas Broberg and Lars Persson.

Foto Mattias Pettersson
Photos Mattias Pettersson

Read more about the visit (only in Swedish)
Read more about the report (only in Swedish)
Read CERE’s Working Paper 2014:13 with the same name (only in Swedish)
Read an interview with Runar Brännlund about the report in Second Opinion, January 22nd 2015; "Customers aren't flexible in how they use electricity" (only in Swedish)

The report is authored by Thomas BrobergRunar BrännlundAndrius KazukauskasLars Persson and Mattias Vesterberg.

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