We've collected some information about what's happened since the last newsletter. You can learn more about the climate change issues that were reported in medias all over the world, what Northern Sweden is worth, the Sören Wibe prize and learn what Kjell Jansson, CEO of Swedish Energy thinks of CERE and the challenges ahead.

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Popular news

The electricity business biggest challenge: electricity storage
- My biggest fear is that Sweden won't be able to handle the effect balance in 5-10 years, says Kjell Jansson, member of CERE's advisory board and CEO of Swedish Energy.

Issues with climate change year 2060 are ridiculously small compared to 2200
We have a chat with CERE's climate researcher Kelly de Bruin who co-authored the acclaimed UN report "African Adaptation Gap Report" that came out in November 2013 and the subsequent report "Loss and Damage in Africa" . The aforementioned report explained what happens if the global warming reaches 3,5-4 degrees warmer than now, how Africa by the year 2070 would have an annual expenditure of 350 billion dollars for climate adaptation. Recently another report; "Adaptation Gap Report" was developed in time for the COP20 in Lima December 2014. It took all the developing countries into consideration and it was reported worldwide.

The Wibe Prize: Ceremony and Lecture
The Prize was awarded on the 27th of January in conjunction with a seminar based on the article by award-winning Dr Leslie Richardson.

About new doctors

Tobacco taxation and environmental taxes on electricity and gasoline is the most effective way for politicians to get consumers to understand the problems of smoking and pollution. Expenditure on media campaigns from government and industry, and lobbying by the industry, most effectively influences consumers' consumption of tobacco and gasoline in the United States. Erik Brockwell defended his thesis at Umeå University on Friday, October 10, 2014.

"The oil crisis of the 70s made us change energy system"
CERE's Mikael Levin, our newest doctor – talks about his thesis in two articles in the local newspaper Västerbottens kuriren.

Upcoming events

Ulvön conference 2015
The 22nd Ulvön Conference on Environmental Economics starts on June 16th.

Seminar - Rolf Färe, Oregon State University
Pricing nonmarketed goods using distance functions on June 3rd

Course: State of the Art in Payments for Environmental Services and Market-Based Instruments 
10 ECTS credits, October 5 to 9, 2015
Payments for environmental services (PES) and market based instruments (MBI) have attracted increasing attention recently as an important class of policy instruments designed to provide incentives for land users to increase the supply of environmental services to benefit the society. Environmental services are many and include carbon sequestration, biodiversity conservation, and pollution abatement.

Working papers

In 2014 we published 16 working papers. Se them all here

2015-1: Periods of converging carbon dioxide emissions from oil combustion 1973-2004

2015-2: Carbon Pricing: Transaction Costs of Emissions Trading vs. Carbon Taxes

2015-3: Energy Efficiency in Swedish Industry A Firm-level Data Envelopment Analysis

2015-4: Transition towards renewable energy Co-ordination and technological strategies in the Swedish pulp and paper industry 1973-1990

2015-5: Increasing forest biomass supply in Northern Europe – Countrywide estimates and economic perspectives

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