PhD Camilla Widmark, who recently joined CERE, has leading a consortium of eight partners, been granted funding for a project running over three years, starting on December 1st, 2016 from the SUMFOREST (SUstainable forest management, Multifunctional Forestry, European Forest Policy), an FP7 ERA-NET project.

Camilla WidmarkCamillas project is titled POLYFORES - Decision-making Support for Forest Ecosystem Services in Europe - Value Assessment, Synergy Effects and Trade-offs. POLYFORES has been developed based on three shared observations of all project partners: the intensification of forest land use, systematic and interdisciplinary Forest Ecosystem Services value assessments are missing, and that there is a lack of mutual engagement of both scientists (from different disciplines) and stakeholders learning how forest management is able to provide multi-functional goods and services. The project is an inter- and transdisciplinary project involving scientists from both natural- and social sciences. The aim is three-folded to:
  1. map ecological impacts including trade-offs and synergies between different FES of variable forest management scenarios at different spatial and temporal scales;
  2. provide a holistic approach of value assessment taking into account different valuations across multiple levels of decision-making and diverse sectoral perspectives contributing to appraisal of trade-offs and synergies between different FES; and
  3. support decision-making processes of FES at different (Pan-European and EU, national and sub-national) levels through a transdisciplinary approach involving decision makers in a continuous participatory learning process level throughout the entire project.

In October, the SUMFOREST (SUstainable forest management, Multifunctional Forestry, European Forest Policy), an FP7 ERA-NET project, announced that 7 out of 26 applications was approved funding over the next three-year period. The title of the call was “Sustainable forests for the society of the future” and the aim was to finance proposals including both basic and applied research aiming at supporting policy decisions regarding multifunctional forestry. About 20 countries contributed to the call with national funding from.

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